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Jamaica Battery Installation January 2011

This customer already had an existing hybrid solar energy and wind turbine system and sixteen (16) of our USAGML16 batteries were added to provide maintenance free backup power. As you will see, it’s a great example of a clean and well organized system. There are several advantages of using AGM product over both conventional flooded and Gel lead acid battery types. Since the acid (electrolyte) is absorbed in glass-mats (AGM) surrounding the plates, they will not spill if broken.

In addition, since there is no free liquid to cause damage if frozen, our AGM batteries are rarely damaged by freezing temperatures. Heat generation is reduced during the charge and discharge cycle, providing you longer and more reliable life cycles. All of US Battery’s AGM products have very low self discharge rates allowing the batteries to be stored for longer periods of time without the need to boost charge as often. Hydrogen gas emission is less than 4%, allowing the US Battery AGM product to be used in aircraft applications and in areas with enclosed spaces (but not in sealed or gas-tight containers). For more information on USAGM product, please click on the following link: http://www.solarsalesusa.com/usbattery.cfm

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