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Skyward Kites in Miami Beach

Skyward Kites...Flying over Miami Beach Since 1985, Largest selection of kites, windsocks, and wind spinner in Miami. Located in Haulover Park in Miami Beach, Skyward Kites is run from a custom solar powered trailer with battery backup. They have enough solar power to run their SunDanzer ice-cream freezer, drink cooler, lights, sound system and much more. Components of the system include Kyrocera 12 Volt 130 watt panels, lightning arrestors, Morning Star TriStar 45 MPPT Controller, a 12Volt 1000 Watt Inverter, & Eight Power King 6Volt 225AH batteries. Four more batteries will be installed to increase the life of the batteries. Just another example of having the sun work for you!

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