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48Volt 1480AH Battery Backup - Bahamas

Absolyte Battery for a hybrid wind and solar energy system in the Bahamas. This system consisted of Absolyte 2V cells connected in series to create a 48 Volt system with 1480 amp hours. The great thing about this battery setup is that it’s completely maintenance free and has a design life of 10 years. For more information on Absolyte batteries or other battery backup power give us a call. One of our battery specialists can help design back up power for your energy storage requirements.

The Absolyte battery was developed by GNB, in conjunction with Sandia National Laboratories, as the first VRLA, large capacity, deep cycle battery for photovoltaic applications. This design provides for extended partial state-of-charge operation and allows for deep discharge recovery. Their wide band of temperature operation, from -40°C (-40°F) to +50°C (122°F), retains more capacity in cold temperatures than traditional flooded batteries. Life expectancy in float conditions is 20 years @ 25°C (77°F) with proper charging. Life expectancy in cycling conditions is1200 cycles to 80% DOD with proper charging. Sealed cells with absorbed glass mat (AGM) separators eliminate the need for periodic water additions as found in flooded cells. Periodic visual inspections, voltage readings, and connection retorquing are all that is required.

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