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U.S. Battery Deep Cycle Batteries

U.S. Battery

US Battery Features and Benefits: Increased initial capacity
Synthetic TTBLS (tetrabasic lead sulfate) additive in the paste mix provides uniformly controlled crystal size of the resulting TTBLS in the cured plate and higher conversion efficiency of TTBLS to lead dioxide in the formed positive plate giving higher capacity.

Higher peak capacity
The same controlled TTBLS crystal size results in a higher conversion of TTBLS to lead dioxide in the cycled positive plate with greater and more uniform porosity and surface area for higher peak capacity.

Improved energy density and specific energy
Since there is no increase in the size or weight of the battery, higher capacity translates to improved energy density (watt-hours/liter) and specific energy (watt-hours/kilogram).

Enhanced recharge-ability
The more uniform crystal structure of the formed positive plate results in enhanced recharge-ability particularly at low temperature and from varying states of discharge.

Fortified plate construction - improved vibration and shock resistance
The more uniformly controlled TTBLS crystal size results in a stronger crystal network within the formed positive plate active material resulting in decreased shedding from vibration and shock.

Improved cycle life
The stronger crystal network within the formed positive plate active material also results in decreased shedding from deep cycling – the primary failure mode in deep cycle batteries.

Model Specs Photo AH V Cover Case RC L W H Price
US1800 Click to View Photo 208 6 BLK/BLK 392 10.25 7.13 11.25 $97.95
US2200 Click to View Photo 232 6 RED/WHT 474 10.25 7.13 11.25 $120.95
US125 Click to View Photo 242 6 GRN/WHT 517 10.25 7.13 11.25 $137.95
US145 Click to View Photo 251 6 BLU/WHT 562 10.25 7.13 11.78 $160.95
US8VGC Click to View Photo 170 8 RED/WHT 337 10.25 7.13 11.25 $130.95
US8VGC HC Click to View Photo 183 8 RED/WHT 345 10.25 7.13 11.25 $140.95
US250 Click to View Photo 258 6 BLK/BLK 572 11.63 7.13 11.63 $146.95
US305 Click to View Photo 305 6 BLK/BLK 675 11.88 7.13 14.63 $219.95
US305HC Click to View Photo 335 6 BLU/BLU 747 11.88 7.13 14.63 $241.95
L16 375 6 BLK/BLK 810 11.88 7.13 16.75 $249.95
L16HC 415 6 BLU/BLU 890 11.88 7.13 16.75 $274.95
US185 Click to View Photo 195 12 BLK/BLK 375 15.63 7.06 14.88 $221.95
US185 HC Click to View Photo 215 12 BLK/BLK 418 15.63 7.06 14.88 $243.95
USAGM2000 213 6 Yellow 475 10.24 7.09 10.79 $242.95
USAGM250 Click to View Photo 260 6 Yellow 572 11.61 7.09 11.73 $302.95
USAGM305 Click to View Photo 312 6 Yellow 736 11.61 7.09 14.41 $352.95
USAGML16 Click to View Photo 390 6 Yellow 915 11.61 7.09 16.85 $448.95
USAGM185 Click to View Photo 234 12 Yellow 518 15.24 7.09 14.49 $448.95
USAGM31 Click to View Photo 100 12 Yellow N/A 13 6.85 9.37 $231.95

One of the most important parts of a renewable energy power system is the battery bank. Most RE battery banks use flooded lead acid deep cycle batteries due to their cost effectiveness and energy efficiency. US Battery deep cycle 6 volt batteries are frequently recommended by top renewable energy power professionals across the world. US Battery’s 6 volt deep cycle (solar power batteries) are most commonly used in pairs to make 12 volts. US Battery solar power deep cycle batteries have very thick plates combined with XC (extreme capacity diamond plate technology) mixed in the paste at manufacturing time. US Battery brand batteries are designed for hours of heavy discharge each night, followed by a recharge each day. Renewable Energy batteries must be able to provide long periods of deep discharge each evening, followed by a full recharge in the sunlight hours each day. This can be grueling on substandard batteries. US Battery puts XC Diamond Plate Technology in every one of their premium deep cycle batteries.

The US2200 6volt solar battery will store about 1 kilowatt-hour of useful energy (6 volt X 232 amp-hr X 80% discharge = 1114 watt-hours). This would power two 50 watt incandescent lamps for 10 hours (2 X 50 X 10 = 1000 watt-hours), your alternative energy system will most likely require wiring several batteries together to create a battery bank. Wiring several batteries together will give the convenience of having sustained power for many electric appliances throughout the evening hours. If you need more than 232 amp-hr capacity to contain in each deep cycle battery, we suggest switching to the USL16HC battery. The USL16HC has 420 amp-hours which may allow the use of fewer batteries. This battery is the same length and width as most deep cycle batteries, but is much taller and twice as heavy. This is an excellent battery for solar applications and can take very heavy charge-discharge cycling.

Deep cycle lead-acid batteries have historically been manufactured with a relatively high percentage of tetrabasic lead sulfate (TTBLS) in the unformed plate material crystal structure. This TTBLS crystal structure produces a strong active material structure in the formed plates required to achieve the long cycle life needed in deep cycle battery applications. Prior to the introduction of synthetic TTBLS additives, the plate production process utilized a high temperature, high humidity curing process designed to achieve a relatively high percentage of TTBLS in the unformed plates. Even though this curing process was well controlled and produced consistently high levels of TTBLS, it was not well suited for controlling the size of the individual crystals that were grown in the crystal development process. The resultant crystals varied widely in size and if the crystals grew too large, the plates were difficult to form and recharge and had lower capacity than those with smaller crystal sizes. Through the addition of synthetic TTBLS with a uniformly find crystal structure to the paste during mixing a smaller, more uniform TTBLS crystal structure is produced throughout the plate structure. This uniformly controlled TTBLS crystal structure results in the enhanced performance, charging and life characteristics of the US Battery Xtreme Capacity Diamond Plate technology listed above.

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